The final stretch!

Hi 4C Parents!

I decided to use our class blog as the medium for the final message of 2018. It’s a busy week, and there are a number of items you’ll want to be aware of/reminded of, so, I’ll list our events by day:

Monday: Mostly preparing for tomorrow’s On Demand as well as kids getting some “Genius Hour” time.

For those of you new to “Genius Hour,” it’s essentially a mini-project that is free inquiry. In other words, the kids will have a few hours to research and plan a project of their choosing. It could be a game, it could be a recipe for something they make, it could be a presentation about a sport or activity they participate in…whatever they want! They will present these on Friday morning, during our half day. However, the bulk of our instructional time today will focus on preparation for the On Demand.

Tuesday: The kids will bring in their research notes and write their “On Demands.” They will do this between approximately 10:30-11:30. After this, they’ll have more time for their “Genius Hour” presentations.

Wednesday: Lots of time for Genius Hour as well as some other “odds and ends.”

Thursday AKA “Party Day”:

Events are yet to be determined, but there are several things happening on this day. First, we have our “Secret Santa” reveals. We will also be watching “Because of Winn Dixie” for our movie party. The school is also having its “Books & Cocoa” party, where kids can wear their pajamas and drink hot chocolate. Finally, we will be joining our PK2 Reading Buddies for a movie from about 1:30-2:15 or so.

If I had to make a decision right now, I’d probably say books and cocoa first thing in the morning, and then the movie party and Secret Santa from 10:30-12:30. However, we may need to be flexible in case of a change. If you are planning on sending in anything with your child to share at the movie party, you can just send it in the morning and we’ll get it all figured out. Thank you in advance for doing so. 🙂

Friday: Half day. Some kids will also be gone on vacation already. We will use this time to present the different “Genius Hour” projects. Kids will go in order of their choosing (in other words, I will ask who wants to go next). I believe they are all dismissed at 11:30.

So, this is the general layout for the week. If anything comes up or any changes need to be made, I will keep you informed via WeChat (or email if the message is longer…such as this one!).

Thanks, and if you have any questions, please let me know!


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