Week of Feb. 11- Feb. 15

Dear parents,

I am going to begin a new process whereby I give you a basic outline of the week ahead. Because SIS is such a dynamic environment, I cannot always say with certainty our exact schedules, but at least this way, you will have an understanding of the main assignments, activities, assessments, and events for the week.

For this week, our number one goal is to get ready for our assembly this Friday from 8-9 in the SPAH. All parents are welcome to attend. We will be working with Grade 3 and presenting in a “Newscast” format wherein we will have news “anchors” introducing stories, followed by segments with “reporters” who will be discussing the stories and conducting interviews. So far, it looks to be a fun and funny production. We will be completing scripts and then doing recordings to get ready for the big show!

Other than that, we will continue doing a bit of work on our Geometry unit before launching our BIG Fractions unit early next week. After that, it’ll be all fractions, all the time for the next nearly two months. It’s my favorite unit of the year and I’m excited to get going on it!

On Tuesday, we will be kicking off our next PYP unit with our “Provocation” in the library. I have asked the kids to bring a cushion as they will be sitting for a bit on a hard surface. Sorry, can’t tell you any more than that. The rest is top-secret.

As this unit kicks off, we will be continuing our “Historical Fiction” Reading unit and will soon get started with our informational writing unit. This will largely be focused on scientific research and writing. We will likely not begin the writing part until next week and when we do, more details will follow.

I hope you all had a great CNY vacation!


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