This week in 4C

Hello! Sorry for the delay. In case you’re wondering what’s happening this week, here’s a quick update!

Now that the assembly is over, we’re back to our strictly academic focus. We have lots going on in the PYP as well as Math..

Math- We have begun our new unit on Fractions. This morning, we had a particularly awesome lesson on taking fractions apart. I have included a couple of pictures below to give you a good idea of what “Common Core” math looks like. It was a great jumping off point and helped build a really solid, conceptual understanding. I was super proud of the kids’ hard work. 🙂

PYP- We are continuing our work on our first group project on the structure of living things. The kids have been busy working in their groups and will be presenting seven different body systems tomorrow. We look forward to seeing their learning!

Reading- We are continuing our unit on Historical Fiction. The kids have been assigned their second book report, and in it, they will be asked to share only what they learned about the setting (no big description of characters, plot, etc.). They have the choice to present to the class, do it on Seesaw, or do a write-up. Their choice.

Hope to see many of you this afternoon’s meeting!

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