MAP Results & Student Led Conferences

Hi parents!

This is another short, but busy week! As you know, today, we finished our MAP testing. Even though I know you all saw it on WeChat, I am again posting a picture of the class’s incredible results. I have literally never had a class do so well! Many thanks for your support and encouragement for the past couple of weeks as the kids madly test prepped. Everyone’s hard work definitely paid off!

Also, as you know, this Thursday is a release day (no regular classes) so the kids can present their end-of-year reflections during the Student Led Conferences. They have been busy putting together Keynote presentations to share all that they have been doing this year. You should have already signed up for a conference time, but if not, please do so ASAP.

I am also attaching some “Reflection Tools” that might be useful for you during the conference. The first page is a list of questions designed to elicit further elaboration from the kids when they present their work. We definitely want this to be an interactive conversation. 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Reflection Tools

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