Showcasing learning in new ways

Students in grade 2 have been learning all about pebbles, sand and silt.  By asking students to become geologists, teachers have integrated the use of iPads through learning activities, field trip photography, and as their culminating science project.

Our geologists went on a rock walk to locate the many items made from earth materials and captured both photos and videos to be used during a sorting activity.  During a field trip to a rock museum, students video taped each other as they described their favorite rock, focusing on the color, texture, and minerals. To apply their new knowledge of how a boulder weathers into tiny grains of sand, students created “The Story of Sand.”  Using the app, Toontastic, students developed an animated interpretation that included both illustrations and commentary.

For our final project, students will have the choice to create an iMovie, animated interpretation, or poster to teach grade 1 students all about the day in the life of a geologist.

~ Kimberly Shannon, Grade 2

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