Twitter and a Kindergarten Classroom

3389655485_c981a3e973Carlene Hamley’s kindergarten class has been using Twitter to enhance classroom discussions, make connections around the world and provide an authentic audience for writing workshop. Through their class Twitter account, @KC5105, Ms. Hamley and her students have made connections with classrooms and individuals within the SIS community and beyond. They check tweets on a regular basis to find out what is happening out beyond their classroom which leads to relevant and meaningful discussions among students and with their Twitter followers. Tweeting has also been incorporated into daily writing workshop sessions, as seen in the video below.

Posts about using Twitter in the Kindergarten Classroom by Carlene Hamley

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  1. Carlene’s work with her K students is always an inspiration. 🙂 I once saw her class tweeting her while she was away at a conference. That was beyond adorable.

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