3B Connects and Collaborates for a Mystery Skype

Nicki Ruthai‘s grade 3 students connected with Luke Fitzpatrick’s grade 3 class through an event called Mystery Skype. Using the video conferencing platform Skype and the game of 20 Questions, the students used their geography and reasoning skills to figure out where the other class was.

See Mrs. Ruthai’s post “Mystery Skype” on her classroom blog for more details about this event.


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  1. I am a teacher in Arizona and I’ve been following the amazing things you’ve been doing at your school! I wonder if any class there might be able to do a Mystery Skype with me. I am teaching a professional development class to teachers and wanted to model a Mystery Skype for them, and I think the times might work with your location. I’d need to connect with someone on Thursday, October 17 between 8:00-8:30 am your time (that would be 10/16 from 5:00-5:30 for me). Is there any chance someone there might be interested and available? You can reach me by email or on Twitter -at- shammanaj. Thanks for your time!

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