Using Blogs to Promote ASA’s

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“Silks has challenged me in ways I’ve never been challenged before.” – Liz Cho

This year has already seen a massive influx of After School Activities (ASA’s) and service learning projects.  Many teachers are combining their own passion (#AMPed) projects with ASA’s to help students develop the connection between play and learning.


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Check out how @cecigomez_g & @cho_liz are using blogs to inspire students to reflect on their activities and think critically about how they are transferring skills. (click on the photos to connect to the blogs)




  1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing. There are so many incredible things going on at #SISRocks. We have got the best teachers ever, living by example, doing as we say, not only telling others to do as we say! It’s really inspiring.

  2. I think that’s a key component of the program here. Everyone models exactly how we want kids to learn and develop! Thanks. Let me know if you can think of other activities/blogs to celebrate here!

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