It’s not a Program it’s an Initiative



The purpose of having student self-directed learning(#geniushour) is to push intrinsic motivation to the forefront of teaching and learning.


Find a time to have time to initiate #geniushour @ your school. Here @ sis we were able to bind the #geniushour initiative to our Advisory program. For elementary teachers, all it takes is 1 hour a week that you need to find to roll out your #geniushour in your classroom. Its imperative that you stay consistent. You will be amazed at what your little ones can learn on their own.


This is what it looks like!

First, an opening keynote to all secondary staff with why,how, and what it will look like.

Next, allow your staff to find their interest that they could share with their students.

This way your students will buy into owning more of their own learning and to inquire more of their interests!

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 6.15.41 AM

idea of Gallit Zvi

Second, once all staff are on board and know what is expected of them, then you can roll out to all your students. Following the roll out to all your students you can send a letter home to their parents encouraging them to assist their child’s self directed learning process.


IMPORTANT! Branding it your own. We call our #geniushour initiative ~ AMPed @ SIS, Autonomous, Mastered, Purposeful education.

Third, document everything and have your students share their learning on their own blog or a shared blog.

Here are just some of the things that secondary students(grade 6 – 12) are wanting to learn.

What is love?

Explaining quantum mechanics like a 5 year old.

Set-up a Minecraft-Edu server and share the virtual learning space.

Videography & photography.

Coding and creating a video game. 

Middle school virtual newspaper.

Lego Mindstorms + Arduino boards to make robotic arms. 

For more about our self-directed learning initiative

Need help getting started in your classroom or whole school

 LiveBinder Geniushour curated by @joykirr & @AngelaMaiers

Inquiry and Innovation in the Classroom by A.J. Juliani

Twitter: #geniushour 



We hope this can be pushed, pulled, twisted in to your everyday curriculum. It’s our students learning, not ours!

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