Reflections on a 3D Printed Jewelry Experience

As part of a grade 4 3D printed jewelry project, ES Art teacher Brittany McCrea had students describe and reflect on the process which she compiled into the video below.

The goal of the project was to create geometric jewelry to appeal to the current marketing trends in jewelry design. Since the students did not have materials such as metal or precious stones, the 3D printer provided an accessible way to manufacture their designs. Students used 3D design apps (123D Scuplt and 123D Creature) to design their pieces which could then be converted into a file to be printed on the 3D printer. As students reflected on the process, students were able to communicate how they applied problem solving skills to the design and manufacturing their jewelry pieces. Mrs. McCrea was delighted that students saw the 3D printer as a design tool and part of the process, not just a ‘cool’ machine. Their reflections proved an assessment of their understanding of the process.

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  1. It was awesome working one those projects, even though my was to complicated to be printed. It was still great!
    -Sophia Anderson

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