How iReminders Changed My Life

So what have you traditionally done to prioritize your life? The typical “to do list.” Right! On a Post-it® note.


“Using Reminder on my iPad has literally changed my life. Before I would have post-it® notes of things that I needed to get done and I would either 1, misplace them or 2, lose them. Now, what I have is a multiple “to do” list in my Reminders App on my iPad and this allows me to prioritize my personal and professional life. Knowing the effective impact that it has had on my life I have had my students use Reminders on their devices to set up homework assignments list in all of their classes as well as their personal life. This isn’t a tool that they have to use but sharing this with my students gives them choice on how they need to prioritize their student life and personal life. As of recently, what is really cool with the update to iOS 8, Yosemite, and iCloud, I am able to virtually share my Reminder App list with anyone in my contacts. So now we can accomplish task collaboratively.”

Rebecca O’Brien

Via ~ MacHelpers

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