Technology Transforms How Growth in Learning is Documented and Shared

from Pigeon Finds a Cupcake to Jupiter

In grade 1, Jasmine was a quiet and shy student who, while productive, was reluctant to participate verbally in conversations. As part of writing workshop, to add voice and expression to their Mo Willems’ inspired stories, students created digital stories with photos of their stories and their own narration. In Jasmine’s first attempt, her voice was quiet without much expression. Her teacher encouraged her to find a space outside the classroom so she could record her voice on her own without any pressure of an audience and give it another try. Her second recording was a surprise to those who knew her as quiet and shy. The expression she used makes her story come alive and brings smiles to those who view it. Jasmine’s voice was finally heard. “Pigeon Finds a Cupcake” is cute but the backstory of how simply having a student record their voice in a safe environment gave us insight into this student’s abilities that we might not have captured otherwise.

Now in grade 3, Jasmine’s confidence in her speaking and sharing has grown. How do we know this? The evidence is found in what she shares through her own student digital portfolio to which she has been contributing to for over a year now. It includes examples of her sharing her writing and learning through video and multimedia formats. You can find an example of an illustrated story she wrote, created and narrated (Edward’s New Adventure) and most recently, she shared the podcast she recorded to publish her informational writing piece on Jupiter. (Space Podcast)

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Digital devices have transformed the way we document, share and assess student growth. Students and teachers can document learning simply through taking a photo or short video or using innovative processes to create multimedia products to demonstrate learning. Almost all students at SIS now have digital portfolios and blogs on our Share @ SIS platform (Edublogs) at These digital spaces provide a place for students, teachers and parents to share and interact around student learning. Education will always be about effective teaching and student learning, but how we leverage technology can help reveal more insight into what our students are capable of knowing and doing.

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