Formative Assessment using Keynote

Good questioning invites further inquiry from students. As a way to formatively assess learners, it also allows teachers to collect information to make inferences, pique curiosity and create new learning opportunities.  Additionally, when teachers make formative assessment an integral part of their lessons, they are able to benefit from a clearer picture of student understanding and then adjust and pivot to make more informed instructional decisions.

This past week Eddie Bywater approached me with an application that seemed to encapsulate this idea but done in real time and without creating the additional work that would usually dissuade a teacher from trying something new. The software is called Poll Everywhere and as an educator and learning innovation coach, I quickly saw the immediate potential a tool like this would have in transforming a teacher’s learning environment.    

In one sentence, the cool thing about this app is that once you create and invite your students the poll, the information collected is automatically embedded and refreshed directly into your keynote presentation in real time giving you immediate results.

For more information see tutorial.

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