When One Door Closes Another One Opens

Since its release with Office 365 last year, Sway has become more than just a surrogate for Storehouse but an app that is feature-rich and proven to be more versatile with the creation of photostories, lab reports and documenting in progress work.

Additionally, with our increasing shift towards Office 365, Sway fits perfectly into the Microsoft ecosystem which allows for the app to be used across phones, tablets, and laptops. Similar to the other apps on 365, Sway can also be found in the menu shown below.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.41.12 AM

A few points about Sway…

  • Its great for adding interactive content
  • Its easy to add text and your images from OneDrive, your device and its camera function.
  • It can also take videos, maps, tweets, Vines, interactive charts, graphics and GIFs.
  • Sways are synced through the cloud, making it easy to view and edit across your devices.
  • Share is done by sending a link out to your audiences
  • It is not blocked in China

Here is a strange example for you to take a look at.

Hope you enjoy and as always we’re here to support you.  

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