New Club Life Gym (Garden City Mall)

I searched long and hard for a gym when I arrived in Shenzhen, and when I was finally introduced to New Club Life from a friend, I was eternally grateful. Despite the fact that it is located on the 4th floor of Garden City Mall in Shenzhen (next to Gymboree), you immediately begin to think you are walking into a nightclub upon arrival. It is a fairly large facility that provides towel, locker, and shower service. Read my list below of why I love New Club Life:

1.) The classes. I am only a gym junkie because of the classes they offer. The gym offers Les Mills Body Pump, Jam, Combat, Attack, Balance, Step, and Vive. They also offer Chinese Dance, Jazz, and Belly Dancing which are not affiliated with Les Mills. I tend to stick with the Les Mills stuff, but I started doing Jazz on Thursdays and really like it. I’m the absolute worst one in the class, but it doesn’t matter.

2.) The instructors. Yes, the classes are all in Chinese, but you really can’t complain because you’re in China. You’re really just following the movements anyway so language shouldn’t be an issue. I enjoy the fact that my classes are all in Chinese because it finally feels like i’m outside of my expat bubble. The instructors are awesome! They’re extremely professional, have  a ton of energy, and honestly seem like they really enjoy their jobs. On another note, most of them are pretty good looking. teehee.

3.) It’s so clean! Mats are thoroughly cleaned after every class. You’re provided with shower and hand towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair dryers, q-tips, shower shoes, etc. The toilets even use the hygienic lining on the seats that move along after each use.

4.) It’s beautiful. Sure, there is A LOT of wasted space that could easily be converted into a larger workout or exercise room. Overall, it’s an incredibly beautiful space complete with private yoga rooms and caged birds (sad).

5.) The spa. The spa is not included with your membership fees, BUT if you have the money, you should definitely treat yourself here at least once. Hands down the best spa and massage experience I have ever had in China.

For more information and access to the class schedule, check out the website below.


Directions from Shekou International School Bayside:

1.) Head west (left) on Wanghai Rd.

2.) Turn right on Goungyuan South Rd. and walk straight for about 2 km.

3.) Eventually you will hit an intersection where you will have to either turn left or right, turn left.



4.) Turn right once you see Garden City Mall and go up to the 4th floor.



Address: 4/Fl., Garden City Commercial Center, Shekou, Nanshan, Shenzhen

Phone: 26806600/26806602

Business hours: 10:00 – 22:00

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