Total Fitness Club (All City Mall)

I found this gym while wandering through All City Mall. I was given a quick tour by the one the guys who worked at the front desk. Honestly, I was really impressed by this gym. It is a new facility with your standard gym equipment. In fact, out of all of the gyms i’ve seen in Shenzhen, they seemed to offer more free weights and machines than any i’ve been to. They also have 3 separate exercise rooms that offer different classes throughout the day: yoga, dance, and cycling. The cycling room reminded me of a nightclub…woo! woo! To top things off, a boxing ring was located right in the middle of the gym. Honestly, if I didn’t already have a gym membership, I would seriously consider joining.

1 year membership (all inclusive): 4668 RMB

2 year membership (all inclusive): 6888 RMB


Directions from Shekou:

1.) Shekou MTR and exit Haiyue.

2.) Exit B for All City Mall and go down to B2.

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