Yangjiang Noodle

This small restaurant in old Shekou, with fast service and good street food, provides tasty porridge and amazing ‘chang fen’ bursting with flavor!

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Basic Chinese to use:

1. Wô yào… 我要… =I want… And pick some of the following:

– niu nan he fen  牛腩河粉  sirloin noodle

– niu nan niu wan he fen 牛腩牛丸河粉 sirloin meat ball noodle

– pao jiao niu nan he fen 泡椒牛腩河粉 pickled sirloin noodle

– Suan cai niu rou he fen 酸菜牛肉河粉  sour vegetable noodle with beef

– za cai rou si he fen 榨菜肉丝河粉 noodle with meat and vegetables

– cha shao he fen叉烧河粉 BBQ noodle

– ban mian 拌面 mixed noodle

– rou dan shou rou Zhou 肉蛋瘦肉粥 meat and egg congee

– cai gan xian gu zhou 菜干咸骨粥 dried vegetables with rib congee

– nong jia hei mi zhou 农家黑米粥  traditional style black rice congee

– hua dan xiao mi zhou 蛋花小米粥 congee with small rice

– niu rou niu wan zhou 牛肉牛丸粥 meat ball congee

– San si chao fen 三丝炒粉 fried noodle

– zhu du Liu 猪肠碌 chitterlings

Directions from Shekou International School (Bayside):
1.) Turn left outside of school on Wanghai Road.
2.) Turn right at 7-11 on Gongyuan Road.
3.) Turn right again, on Shekou Laojie.
4.) Look for the Yangjiang Noodle in the photo above.

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