Log Cabin BBQ


imageRecently, FIDRA went to 木屋烧烤(pinyin: mu wu shao kao) (log cabin bbq or Obamaque). It is located by Peninsula Shekou. Address: 蛇口广场店。It is a restaurant with a widely spread range of food including meat, seafood and food for vegetarians. There is space where you can watch the food being made and there is a balcony of which you can sit outside and enjoy some fresh air. You can choose wether you want the food to be spicy or not or even with little spice. The restaurant was really good, the service was really quick and the food was really inexpensive. We enjoyed this outing and we hope you will too!




Rating out of 5




Direction from SIS Bayside:

1.) Turn right (the position of peninsula) keep on walking until you reach the big “Peninsula” sign

2.) Turn left (direction of Old Shekou), walk until you see a row of restaurants, then you will see Log Cabin BBQ!

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