Nanshan Mountain

The Nanshan mountain is the most famous mountain in the Nanshan District. Hundreds visit it everyday. From hikes, lunch, and family events, the Nanshan mountain is the perfect place to be. The first part is an easy upward slope. Next, you’ll come to a concrete clearing with a beautiful area to sit. From there, a stone staircase goes up the mountain. It’s completely surrounded by nature and fresh air. When you arrive at the top, you will be greeted with the amazing sights of Shenzhen. Be sure to take in the view!

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Directions from Shekou International School Bayside:

1. Drive along the Wanghai Road towards seaworld

2. Then take a right turn when you see the big Glass China Merchants tower and follow the Gongye 2nd Road

3. Then take a right turn when you get to the Nanhai Avenue where you will see the old China Merchants tower behind you on the left

4. Take the first left turn after entering Nanhai Avenue where you will see a building called Fraser place on Yanshan Avenue

5. Follow Yanshan Avenue until you get to a crossing in the front where you will start to go up the Nanshan Park on the left side

Address in Chinese: 大南山, 深圳市南山区东滨路与南海大道交界

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