Backstube is located between coastal rose Garden 3 and 2. Beside ruipen瑞鹏pet hospital. Only takes 3 to 5min to walk there from SIS. 10 or 15min to drive there from jingshan and 5min to walk from coastal rose garden.

They have two floors. First floor is where you buy stuff, they have mini store for buying daily goods and snacks.and second floor is where you enjoy your meal. Even there is seat in first floor, we prefer sat on second floor where air conditioner is and good view of the street.

They have cheep stuffs, only 100RMB is enough for have a full meal and some snacks. We hope you enjoy the meal over at backstube


Ham and cheese Sandwhich

Eve has decided that she think that the ham and cheese sandwich was good.

Andy has decided that he thinks the ham and cheese sandwich was full of all sorts of different tasty flavours.

Gregory thought that the ham and cheese sandwich tasted quite delicious.

Salami pretzel

Matteo thought that the pretzel was really good especially with the salami. Also they put just enough butter. One problem was that they put to much salad in it that when I took one bite it would make all the salas fall. Otherwise Matteo thought it was good



The desserts in Backstube are rich in flavour they have different varieties of Cakes,Sweet bread and Candy. Your child gets to enjoy the sweetness of the sweets and cakes being offered to you. The raspberry cake glazed with honey and cake crumble is freshly washed. Things are at low prize and cashiers can speak English. Backstube’s Desserts are a Shenzhen’s must have.

Here are some photos, we hope you enjoy.

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