What is this fish?

Recently I was wandering through Ren Ren Le with Rebecca and Marina and as we passed the CNY section we noticed a colorful fish being sold. We’re not sure why, but we were really intrigued by it. So I decided to buy it and simply ask one of students. My students know EVERYTHING. Watch the video below to learn about this fish.

After Andrew’s lesson, my advisory happily prepared the Nian Gao (in the microwave of course) and devoured it. 8 Breezers give it a thumbs up!






Coconut flavor! Mmm…


Interview with Rachel Chen

Today, we had the pleasure of being able to interview the one and only, Rachel Chen. She gave us the details on Hakka culture.

What is the difference between Mandarin and Hakka?

They are similar because both are based on northern China’s dialect. And it stayed more correct to the ancient Chinese because they were so cut off from civilization. But they have the same route. The tones are slightly different.

What is the traditional wear?

They don’t wear them anymore, but they wore chi paos.

What are typical marriage traditions? Did you have a Hakka marriage?

The bride has a specific time to leave her house and enter the grooms house. there is gift giving. There are specific gifts for each other. It’s always lunch for weddings. I didn’t have a ceremony, I just said I was married.

What are your favorite Hakka dishes?

A soup dish. It has pork liver, intestines and another ingredient I can’t remember. “Champions soup”

What role do women have in the community?

They live in a mountainous area, in order to get a better education. The Hakka men study while the woman does everything else. The women take care of the household, children, and farms.

What type of housing do the Hakka live in?

Hakka means “guest family”. To protect themselves, they created a circled community with doors facing the middle, with only one entrance. “Circled dragon house”. Semi dragons houses are square shaped with farmyards. Water in front mountains in the back.

What education system do the Hakka use?

Not really, the Hakka has its dialect. It’s not a systematic language.