Strawberry Music Festival Shenzhen

Last year I read about this event on and did not think much of it except for the fact that it took place in a part of Shenzhen that I do not typically explore. Everyone knows i’m a sucker for exploring and then wandering for as long as it takes to find a place, so I was down. The festival was from May 16th – 18th at the Shenzhen Universiade Center. I was pleasantly surprised by this event and wished I had attended all 3 days instead of just Saturday night. I wish I had researched some of the Chinese artists beforehand as it was really incredible to see people who were truly fans of the artists there.  I shall list a variety of reasons as to why this was one of the best music festivals/events I have experienced in Shenzhen:

1.) It took place outdoors. Being stuck in a crowded room breathing in everyone’s cigarette smoke stinks. Being outside for a music festival made me feel like I was home again.

2.) There were 4 different stages/areas to check out playing different types of music – rock, indie, dance, electronic, etc.

3.) The crowd was mostly young Chinese. Now, I love everyone, but so many of the events I attend are filled with mostly foreigners keeping me trapped in that expatriate bubble that I already live in.

4.) People were dancing! They were diggin’ it!

5.) Chinese musicians were featured. Foreign musicians were featured. It was beautiful.

IMG_20140517_192815 IMG_20140517_215845

Directions from Shekou:

1.) Shekou Line and transfer at Windows of the World.

2.) Longgang Line towards Shuanglong and exit Dàyùn Zhàn (Universiade Station).

3.) Look for the huge stadium. You’ll find it.

MTR is by far the cheapest way to get there (about 7 RMB), but be prepared to spend about 90 minutes on the metro doing so.

Honey Lake Music Festival

Honey Lake Music Festival was an outdoor music event that took place next to an empty shopping mall and theme park. The event was run by SZ Fresh –  a group established in 2008 dedicated to providing different music events around Shenzhen. The venue was worth the trip out there itself, so if you ever find yourself wanting to explore Shenzhen, check out the directions below. Look for the big 1979 and keep walking straight.

When we arrived, the sun had just set and there was this gorgeous glow around the city I currently call home. Nostalgia set in and I found myself singing the Step by Step theme song over and over again as I stared at the giant white roller coaster past the lake. There was a stage with live bands playing and a room with a DJ spinning your generic electronic music. The thing that always gets me about these type of events is that no one really dances. It bothers me. I love dancing. Make me want to dance.


It wasn’t quite as advertised, but fun nonetheless. Food that slightly resembled tacos, pizza, and wraps were on sale along with homemade crafts. There was just one guy spraying, as opposed to an interactive wall, but I guess they have to make do with what they have. As for the bands, I wasn’t particularly fond of any of them. Maybe The Doufus should have made an appearance? I was just slightly intrigued by the last group named Pokemon Dad. Are they guys who were really into Pokemon when they were younger, but now they’re fathers? Why didn’t they play the Pokemon theme song? Why haven’t I opened my dream cafe called Bobasaur yet and created Pokemon themed dessert drinks? I’m not really very original, is there are already a cafe like this that already exists? All of these questions still remain unanswered.


Despite all of this, I really recommend events like this. Mainly because, it’s a chance to get out of Shekou and see another part of the city. It’s really all about the experience I suppose. Check out for more events.

Address: 1979 Honey Lake, 1011 Qiaoxiang Rd.

Directions from Shekou:

1.) Stay on the Shekou Line and take exit Xiangmei Bei on the metro

2.) Take Exit B2.

3.) Make a u-turn out of the metro and walk straight for 300 meters.

4.) Turn left at the gate when you see the big 1979.