Backstube is located between coastal rose Garden 3 and 2. Beside ruipen瑞鹏pet hospital. Only takes 3 to 5min to walk there from SIS. 10 or 15min to drive there from jingshan and 5min to walk from coastal rose garden.

They have two floors. First floor is where you buy stuff, they have mini store for buying daily goods and snacks.and second floor is where you enjoy your meal. Even there is seat in first floor, we prefer sat on second floor where air conditioner is and good view of the street.

They have cheep stuffs, only 100RMB is enough for have a full meal and some snacks. We hope you enjoy the meal over at backstube


Ham and cheese Sandwhich

Eve has decided that she think that the ham and cheese sandwich was good.

Andy has decided that he thinks the ham and cheese sandwich was full of all sorts of different tasty flavours.

Gregory thought that the ham and cheese sandwich tasted quite delicious.

Salami pretzel

Matteo thought that the pretzel was really good especially with the salami. Also they put just enough butter. One problem was that they put to much salad in it that when I took one bite it would make all the salas fall. Otherwise Matteo thought it was good



The desserts in Backstube are rich in flavour they have different varieties of Cakes,Sweet bread and Candy. Your child gets to enjoy the sweetness of the sweets and cakes being offered to you. The raspberry cake glazed with honey and cake crumble is freshly washed. Things are at low prize and cashiers can speak English. Backstube’s Desserts are a Shenzhen’s must have.

Here are some photos, we hope you enjoy.

Log Cabin BBQ


imageRecently, FIDRA went to 木屋烧烤(pinyin: mu wu shao kao) (log cabin bbq or Obamaque). It is located by Peninsula Shekou. Address: 蛇口广场店。It is a restaurant with a widely spread range of food including meat, seafood and food for vegetarians. There is space where you can watch the food being made and there is a balcony of which you can sit outside and enjoy some fresh air. You can choose wether you want the food to be spicy or not or even with little spice. The restaurant was really good, the service was really quick and the food was really inexpensive. We enjoyed this outing and we hope you will too!




Rating out of 5




Direction from SIS Bayside:

1.) Turn right (the position of peninsula) keep on walking until you reach the big “Peninsula” sign

2.) Turn left (direction of Old Shekou), walk until you see a row of restaurants, then you will see Log Cabin BBQ!

Yangjiang Noodle

This small restaurant in old Shekou, with fast service and good street food, provides tasty porridge and amazing ‘chang fen’ bursting with flavor!

IMG_20150309_130027 IMG_20150309_130016

Basic Chinese to use:

1. Wô yào… 我要… =I want… And pick some of the following:

– niu nan he fen  牛腩河粉  sirloin noodle

– niu nan niu wan he fen 牛腩牛丸河粉 sirloin meat ball noodle

– pao jiao niu nan he fen 泡椒牛腩河粉 pickled sirloin noodle

– Suan cai niu rou he fen 酸菜牛肉河粉  sour vegetable noodle with beef

– za cai rou si he fen 榨菜肉丝河粉 noodle with meat and vegetables

– cha shao he fen叉烧河粉 BBQ noodle

– ban mian 拌面 mixed noodle

– rou dan shou rou Zhou 肉蛋瘦肉粥 meat and egg congee

– cai gan xian gu zhou 菜干咸骨粥 dried vegetables with rib congee

– nong jia hei mi zhou 农家黑米粥  traditional style black rice congee

– hua dan xiao mi zhou 蛋花小米粥 congee with small rice

– niu rou niu wan zhou 牛肉牛丸粥 meat ball congee

– San si chao fen 三丝炒粉 fried noodle

– zhu du Liu 猪肠碌 chitterlings

Directions from Shekou International School (Bayside):
1.) Turn left outside of school on Wanghai Road.
2.) Turn right at 7-11 on Gongyuan Road.
3.) Turn right again, on Shekou Laojie.
4.) Look for the Yangjiang Noodle in the photo above.

tang zhong bao zhi dian

Right next to the tasty ‘chang fen’ shop, there is another petite shop with awesome buns of all types. Meat, sesame, vegetables, you name it! The owner is also a very friendly woman, who offers cheap prices and great food.


Directions from Shekou International School (Bayside):
1.) Turn left outside of school on Wanghai Road.
2.) Turn right at 7-11 on Gongyuan Road.
3.) Turn right again, on Shekou Laojie.
4.) Look for the stand in the photo above.

lao zhu zhong shi mo fang

A few shops down on the next street, there is a steaming canteen with tons of breads and buns! Our whole advisory couldn’t get enough of the hot, mouth-watering buns. The whole advisory highly recommends this shop!


Directions from Shekou International School (Bayside):

1.) Turn left outside of school on Wanghai Road.

2.) Turn right at 7-11 on Gongyuan Road.

3.) Turn right again, on Shekou Laojie.

4.) Look for the stand in the photo above.

Cafe Benne: Korean Delight

Cafe Bene is located at sea world area C. It’s on the second floor. From Coastal Rose Garden 2 it takes 5 minutes by a car. From Jing Shan it also takes 5 minutes by a car, and from Peninsula, it also takes 10 minutes in a car. Cafe Bene is not a restaurant, it is a cafe. They ran out of bread when we were there (beware). They have a beeping pager system to alert you when your food is ready so you can pick it up. They have free lemonade. The ice cream is delicious as well as the waffles. The grape juice drink they have has actual real grapes. They have cool decorations such as pictures, and if you’re phone runs out of battery, they have plugs underneath most tables. Although we had fun. It took a little long for the food to arrive. They have air conditioning so if it is hot,  you can go there and cool down.  Also they have outside seats so you can enjoy the sunlight. It also has a good view of the Ming Hua boat and the water show which is at the 7:00 and 9:00 P.M. if it’s in the weekend. If it’s work day, It’s 7:00 to 8:00 P.M..

A Taste of Sichuan

We went to a Sichuan restaurant as our first field trip. We went with 8 Wind. The site is located in Shekou Shenzhen China. Its on GongYuan Nan Rd(公园南路).

The restaurant does not serve cold water, the wet wipes cost money. Most of the food is spicy, they have cold drinks and hot tea. Moderately priced, 6 Water liked the rice balls, the rice balls have meat inside them and rice covering the outside.

The restaurant also has english on the menu, if you can’t read Chinese you can read the English and order. There are also noodles that are a bit spicy, but they taste very good. If the food is too spicy for some people there is plain rice. 6 Water hopes you can try the restaurant, we think that the restaurant is great!

For more information, please check out our storehouse


Kingkey Building

Dominating the skyline at 441.8 meters high, the Kingkey 100 building is the perfect place have a meal while overlooking sweeping views of Shenzhen.

Entry used to be free past 6pm and one could hang out in the lounge without having to stay at the St. Regis hotel. Nowadays, only guests of the St. Regis have access to the top levels for free. If you would like to visit and are unable to pay the price of a room, you can make dining or drink reservations at one of the establishments on top. However, you are required to spend a minimum of 220 RMB.

Luckily, I was able to visit the Kingkey 100 when it was still free to get in and enjoy a night with a couple of friends.

Directions from Shekou by MTR:

I want to go to Kingkey 100.


1.) Shekou Metro Line to Windows of the World

2.) Transfer at Windows of the World to Luobao Line towards Luohu and take the Grand Theater Exit

3.) Take exit B. Or any exit really. The building cannot be missed.

IMG_20130915_012650 IMG_20130915_012628 IMG_20130915_012453 IMG_20130915_012117 IMG_20130915_002627 DSC09783 DSC09782 DSC09717


Address: 京基100 5016 Shennan E Rd, Luohu, Shenzhen

Jindaoyuan Porridge Restaurant

The Jindaoyuan Porridge Restaurant is by far one of our favourites. We recommend ordering about 20 minutes before you get there, because it takes a bit of time to prepare.  Also, the food will still be nice and warm when you get there. The little appetizers you receive before your main course along with the porridge is delicious. The porridge portions are extremely generous and can easily feed at least 5 people with leftovers. Generous portions of shrimp were included in the shrimp porridge and we did not hold ourselves back from having numerous servings. The staff were incredibly kind and the place had excellent ambiance. We would definitely recommend this place to anyone who loves shrimp. Definitely check this out!

How to Order:

I would like shrimp porridge.

Directions to Jindaoyuan Porridge Restaurant from Shekou International School Bayside Campus:

I want to go to Jindaoyuan Porridge Restaurant.

Drive to 金稻园/ Jing Dào Yuan Porridge Restaurant
Shekou International School Bayside ➡️ Porridge Restaurant

1) Drive towards Peninsula for 0.9 miles on Wanghai Road.

2) Turn left onto NO.8 Road.

3) After driving for 0.3 miles keep right on Houhai Avenue.

4) Keep on driving on Houhai Avenue for 2.2 miles.

5) Turn left onto Chuang ye Road.

6) After 0.3 miles make a U- turn on Chuang ye Road.

7) Turn right onto Nanshang Road after 400 feet.

8) Keep on going on the Nanshang Road for 600 feet.

9) The restaurant is on your right!image

Coconuts & Avocados

Coconuts & Avocados

Everyday I go to the gym, get my workout on, finish, and drink 3 coconuts. Yes. 3 coconuts. I am not even entirely sure if that is good for me, but I don’t care, i’m obsessed and they’re delicious! I don’t even say “coconut” properly – I say “co-co-nut”. That really doesn’t show the difference.

I want avocados and coconuts.


This is by far my favorite fruit stand to buy coconuts for several reasons:

1.) The coconuts are always cold.

2.) The price is cheaper than all of their competitors for a cold coconut.

3.) They usually have 3 different types of coconuts available.

4.) They taste better. I don’t know why. They just do. The closer I get to my house, the worse the coconuts taste.

5.) They grab 3 coconuts for me, cut them, and place a straw in them when they see me coming.



The last couple of months, they have also been selling lots and lots of avocados. Most are from Mexico, Chile, and sometimes the United States. I have a few go to avocado places, but again, the quality at this place was better and they were significantly cheaper. Now, i’m from California, and know a good avocado. I also remember numerous occasions when I have bought 10 avocados for a dollar back home. This doesn’t happen here. I know I have to fork up some bank to have just a little taste of that green god.


Other than that, this fruit stand is really no different than most others in Shenzhen. If you are VIP you get a slight discount (it’s free, just sign up).


Directions: Directly across the street from the back entrance of Garden City Mall. From Bayside, just walk straight down Wanghai Lu or take bus 242 for 2RMB until the stop  “Rose Garden”.