Nanshan Mountain

The Nanshan mountain is the most famous mountain in the Nanshan District. Hundreds visit it everyday. From hikes, lunch, and family events, the Nanshan mountain is the perfect place to be. The first part is an easy upward slope. Next, you’ll come to a concrete clearing with a beautiful area to sit. From there, a stone staircase goes up the mountain. It’s completely surrounded by nature and fresh air. When you arrive at the top, you will be greeted with the amazing sights of Shenzhen. Be sure to take in the view!

IMG_3454 IMG_3463 IMG_3464

Directions from Shekou International School Bayside:

1. Drive along the Wanghai Road towards seaworld

2. Then take a right turn when you see the big Glass China Merchants tower and follow the Gongye 2nd Road

3. Then take a right turn when you get to the Nanhai Avenue where you will see the old China Merchants tower behind you on the left

4. Take the first left turn after entering Nanhai Avenue where you will see a building called Fraser place on Yanshan Avenue

5. Follow Yanshan Avenue until you get to a crossing in the front where you will start to go up the Nanshan Park on the left side

Address in Chinese: 大南山, 深圳市南山区东滨路与南海大道交界

Me Do Foot Massage

Ah. Me Do. It is the hangout for many on a late night. I’m going to be honest, Me Do doesn’t necessarily have the best foot massages, but there’s something else going on that keeps it’s customers coming back for more.

It’s probably the most expensive foot massage place that I frequent in China. Sure, it gets you a longer head massage and cupping on the feet, but other than that, it offers the same service that any of my 30 RMB places would.

Me Do gives you a private room for you and your massage crew to relax. The best part is, you can watch movies at the same time. Bring your laptop (along with any necessary cords) or a DVD, tell them you need the player, and then sit back and relax.

During the winter a blanket and heater are also in the room to keep you toasty and warm throughout your massage. Smoking is allowed in the rooms, so often times you leave with a signature “Me Do Musk” due to all of the smoking patrons before you.

Additional services include full body massages, cupping, ear cleaning, facials, and any treatments someone could possibly think of.

Price of VIP Foot Massage: 148 RMB for 80 minutes

Regular Foot Massage: 108 RMB 80 minutes

Directions from Shekou International School Bayside:

1.) Head west (left) on Wanghai Rd.

2.) Turn right on Goungyuan South Rd (stay on the left side of the road).

3.) Turn left on Haichang Street (85 degree bakery) and walk through the alley of Old Shekou.


4.) Me Do is located at the very end right before Kangle Street. It is past all of the shady bars, shops, and tailors. Use the images below.


IMG_20150301_225037 IMG_20150301_225019 IMG_20150301_225010 IMG_20150301_204844


Kingkey Building

Dominating the skyline at 441.8 meters high, the Kingkey 100 building is the perfect place have a meal while overlooking sweeping views of Shenzhen.

Entry used to be free past 6pm and one could hang out in the lounge without having to stay at the St. Regis hotel. Nowadays, only guests of the St. Regis have access to the top levels for free. If you would like to visit and are unable to pay the price of a room, you can make dining or drink reservations at one of the establishments on top. However, you are required to spend a minimum of 220 RMB.

Luckily, I was able to visit the Kingkey 100 when it was still free to get in and enjoy a night with a couple of friends.

Directions from Shekou by MTR:

I want to go to Kingkey 100.


1.) Shekou Metro Line to Windows of the World

2.) Transfer at Windows of the World to Luobao Line towards Luohu and take the Grand Theater Exit

3.) Take exit B. Or any exit really. The building cannot be missed.

IMG_20130915_012650 IMG_20130915_012628 IMG_20130915_012453 IMG_20130915_012117 IMG_20130915_002627 DSC09783 DSC09782 DSC09717


Address: 京基100 5016 Shennan E Rd, Luohu, Shenzhen

Roller Skating in Dongmen

Ah. Roller skating. I remember when I was a kid everyone’s birthday parties were at a place called Skate Express where you could rent roller skates or blades, eat a bunch of junk, and play red light green light in the rink led by a high school “referee” who worked there. Well, once I hit junior high, Skate Express was no longer the place to be. I abandoned it for conducting scientific inquiries in movie theaters about the candy with the best stickability on screens. Sorry, let me get back on track.

Located in Dongmen, this roller disco is sure to trigger memories from your childhood….only if you were born in the 70’s that is. Kidding! Not really. No seriously, the feeling that you are being transported back in time is what gives this place it’s charm. It’s even better because you realize that this place can’t even be that old. ha.

1.) It’s located right next to Dongmen’s indoor and outdoor snack streets. What’s better than getting some grub before and after your skating session?


2.) They have roller skates! Not just the ever so popular roller blades. Ladies, get that roller derby league started.


3.) I think it’s cheap. Look below for details on pricing.


Admission + Skates: 22 RMB

Admission without Skates: 20 RMB

Basic Entry (basically, no skating, you’re paying to hangout): 7 RMB

Group Discount (10 or more): 20 RMB each

10 Entries for 180 RMB for those skating enthusiasts out there!

I want to go roller skating.


4.) The music playing is guaranteed to make you want to boogie. Okay, i’m lying about this one. However, I don’t think they would be opposed to you bringing your own music and boogying down to that instead.

5.) It’s fairly empty.


What are you waiting for?! Get a group together for a night down memory lane!

Directions from Shekou:

I want to go to the roller skating rink near Laojie Road in Dongmen.


1.) Shekou Metro to Windows of the World

2.) Transfer to the Luobao Line towards Luohu

3.) Exit Laojie on the Luohu Line

4.) Take Exit G and turn right upon exiting. This will take you past the bars and some small shops.

5.) You will pass a massage place with a dome like building. Walk past it.


6.) Look for this alleyway, if you see it, you’re extremely close. You’ll pass a building where lots of people come to play badminton.


7.) Listen for the music and look for the castle. You’re there.



Chinese and Pinyin Name:  Dongmen Da Jia Le Rolling Skating Rink Arena 大家乐溜冰场(东门店)

Place Address (English/Pinyin):  Dongmen Da Jia Le Roller Skating Rink,No. 3 Xin Yuan Rd, Luohu District By Train: Opposite Xihuagong subway station, inside the Workers Cultural Centre.

新园路3号 罗湖区 深圳

Lizhi Park

Litchi? Lizhi? Lychee? Often heralded as one of the best parks in Shenzhen (okay, so one guidebook said that), I had to check this place out for myself. I am obsessed with lychee, so that’s honestly what brought me to this park, despite the fact that it wasn’t lychee season. If you don’t feel like reading my ramblings, bottom line – go here.

The park is centrally located in Futian with incredible views of Shenzhen’s tallest buildings. Before entering the park you’re greeted by a portrait of Deng Xiaoping with tons of people taking photos in front. I joined in. A brief description in English and Chinese and map of the park is located at the entrance.


Time to make a list of reasons why to visit. I love lists.

1.) Visiting parks in China on a Sunday afternoon reminds me of that Gilmore Girls episode where the town troubadour (Grant Lee Phillips) got picked to open for Neil Young which caused Stars Hollow to become overrun by troubadours. It’s just like that. People performing everywhere! I love it! You can spend hours just people watching.

2.) Lots of trees and green spaces.

3.) A lake where you can rent and ride boats. Honestly, riding boats in a park lake never gets old for me.

4.) Perfect place to play photo shoot.

5.) I think this statue was modeled after me. Don’t hate.


6.) There are bees! Honey is made! You can buy it. Awesome.

7.) Designated area for makeshift tents. You can camp! Maybe…there were lots of people who hung up their hammocks.

DSC09725 DSC09728

Directions from Shekou by MTR:

I want to go to Lizhi Park.


1.) Shekou Metro Line to Windows of the World

2.) Transfer at Windows of the World to Luobao Line towards Luohu and take the Grand Theater Exit

3.) Take exit B. You will see the park across the street upon exiting.

Chinese Name: 荔枝公园
Address: Litchi Park, Futian District, Shenzhen City


Tianhou Temple

So, you finally decided to ride the metro all the way down to the end of the Shekou line eh? Hoping to find some abandoned factories to explore, but you were a bit too lazy to walk that far? No worries! If you have some spare time, check out the Tianhou Temple in Chiwan located only about a 5 minute walk from the metro station.

Built in 1410, this temple gets it’s name from the Mother of Heaven and Goddess of the Sea Matsu or Tianhou. For a foreigner with minimal Chinese ability, I was unable to read or understand anything about the museums history beforehand. However, there are numerous websites providing plenty of history for those who are interested. Check out

The temple has been destroyed and rebuilt several times. In fact, it was undergoing construction the day I was there. Despite my lack of historical knowledge and Chinese skills, I still had a lovely time there breathing in the sweet aroma of incense and taking photos.



Price: 15 RMB per person

Directions from Shekou:

1.) Take the Shekou MTR Line towards Chiwan

2.) Exit Chiwan (last stop) at exit C

3.) Turn right upon exiting the metro station and you will notice a set of stairs from the photo below. Go up the stairs.


4.) Once you are at the top, you will see the temple in the far distance. Continue on Chiwan 3rd street until you hit the temple. It is a less than 5 minute walk.

Chinese Name:  天后庙

9号 Chiwan 6th Road,Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China



Longgang Museum of Hakka Culture

Entry into the museum is only 10 RMB. You can leave a 300 RMB deposit for the audio tour set, but I opted against it as it is exactly the same thing written in English for each display. The museum is a former Hakka Residence, so it is an ideal spot for a photographer to spend a couple of hours taking in the architectural beauty of the place. I was there on a warm Saturday afternoon and did not run into another person during my entire time exploring. It was eerily calm, quiet, and I felt like I had been transported outside of Shenzhen. The museum is an excellent resource to learn about Hakka culture including agricultural practices, cuisine, marriage, clothes, and more. One of my favorite parts of the museum was an exhibit explaining how an American satellite in 1985 mistook the Hakka folk houses in Fujian province for a nuclear base cluster and that China’s nuclear research had reached a “pinnacle”.  So, the United States sent an unassuming couple from the “New York Institute of Photography” to investigate and to their surprise, they simply found the Hakka folk houses. Hilarious.

If you are in the Longgang area and have a couple of hours to spare, check this place out.

Directions from Shekou

1.) Shekou Line MTR to Futian

2.) Transfer to Longgang Line towards Shuanglong to Nanlian (2nd to last exit)

3.) Take exit C1 which makes you turn right. If you only see Exit C, simply turn right.

4.) Look for the first major intersection in the photos below and turn left to walk straight down the street.

I want to go to the Hakka Museum.

Where is the Hakka Museum?

Are there any restaurants nearby?




5. Turn right at Longyuan Road


6. Along Longyuan Road there is a sign indicating where to turn to access the museum.


DSC09461 DSC09467 DSC09471 DSC09485 DSC09491 DSC09498 DSC09510 DSC09527

Note: If you are coming from Shekou, the metro ride takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Address:客家民俗博物馆 Longrui 1st Alley, Longgang, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


Ginger Massage & Food Street near Window of the World

The hair salon is on the first floor, hair washing on the second, and ginger massages on the third floor and above. If you have never had a ginger massage before, you are in for a treat. Every person has a different reaction to it. Some complain about the fiery burning sensation they experience shortly after the ginger is applied. I have never felt like the massage (on my back or scalp) has been excruciatingly painful. For me, it is an icy hot sensation similar to menthol being applied on an injury – it’s actually quite energizing and refreshing! There are others who feel absolutely nothing at all.

For those of you who opt for the ginger scalp massage, you will also receive a hair wash and blow dry in the price.

This area has a huge variety of street food in Shenzhen. Barbecue, dumplings, soup, crayfish, and so much more! Check it out as you will not be disappointed.

Directions from Shekou

I want to go to ginger massage…

Where is ginger massage?

1.) Shekou Line MTR to Window of the World.

2.) Transfer to Luobao Line towards Airport East and get off at the next stop called Baishizhou.

3.) Take exit A (north side of Shennan Blvd.)

4.) Upon exiting, you will see a shopping center “WP” that prominently advertises Lukfook Jewelry as shown in the photo below.

Exit A Luobao

5.) Continue going straight past this shopping center and you will eventually hit a sign that looks like the one below. Turn right (the photo was taken when walking in the opposite direction, just turn right) in the direction pointing you towards Shenzhen Shahe Hospital, Shahe Street Community Workstation, and Shahe Primary School. I don’t recall seeing either of those places, but as long as you turn right at the sign, you will be fine.

Turn Right

Night view of the street

Night View of Ginger Massage Street

6.) Keep going down that street and eventually you will see a hair salon with green and white decor as shown in the photo below. You’ve made it!

Ginger Massage

Shiyan Lake Hot Spring Resort (Horror Films, Dance Parties, Strawberries, and Hot Springs)

If you live in Shenzhen and want to spend some time soaking up in hot springs, this is the place to go. Guangdong province is known for it’s hot springs, and there are nicer ones located throughout the province, but none are accessible from Shenzhen without more than a couple of hours of travel. Shiyan Lake Hot Springs Resort is located in Bao’an past Shenzhen International Airport and is less than an hour taxi ride away from Shekou.

Don’t let the name fool you. Yes, at one point in time this was a resort (Hillary and I are still trying to figure out exactly when though…), but now it is the ultimate place to live out your horror film fantasies or hold that all night dance party in the abandoned building of your choice! Honestly though, I love exploring abandoned places, so even if the hot springs were a bust (they weren’t), I still would have really enjoyed this place.

We spent the time wandering around “Bodhi Island” – the creepiest island in the PRD…maybe…probably not. Found out how massive this resort was and kept questioning “How old could this place possibly be?!” I mean, it’s Shenzhen, so it can’t be that old, but it looked like it had been abandoned for years. When we thought it couldn’t get any better, we found desolate bumper cars, tubing, and go kart racing. What joy! But clearly the best for last was saved for me when I saw fields at the end of the road. A California girl can recognize fields anywhere, and those were definitely strawberry fields! It was strawberry season, so Hillary and I had to pick strawberries. Nom nom. After you pick strawberries, head over to the bbq pits to party with the locals. Finish off your exploration by soaking in the springs.

The hot springs are surprisingly empty and have about 10 different pools varying in temperature. Locker service, towels, showers, robes, water, and tea are all included. As you’re soaking, sit back and enjoy the views of the nearby temple and hills.

Taxi: From Shekou, it is about a 50 minute taxi ride. Simply show the taxi driver the following: Address: China, 广东省深圳市宝安区星湖路87号

石岩湖温泉度假村, 宝安区石岩镇

The taxi drops you off at the entrance where you have to pay either 15 RMB just to get into the complex or 138 RMB for the hot springs.

Bus:315, 325, 326, 635, 711, 716

photo 4

photo 1IMG_20150117_161118 IMG_20150117_161305 IMG_20150117_161412 IMG_20150117_161652 IMG_20150117_161739 IMG_20150117_163220 IMG_20150117_163413 IMG_20150117_163536 IMG_20150117_181857 IMG_20150117_182019 IMG_20150117_182054 IMG_20150117_182148 IMG_20150117_182158