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  1. Both covers are amazing. I have linked your AMPed project site to . We look forward to your next cover and/or original.

  2. Grade 1 art students and I just listened to your tracks as we worked on our art pieces today. Your pieces really calmed my students and helped them to focus on their work.
    I love how peaceful and articulate each song is played. Well done. I would definitely buy a CD and will be using your blog site much more in my classroom. Please keep the pieces coming.

    Some comments from the Grade 1 artists:
    “I like this music because it’s nice”
    ” I know that song!”
    “This is a good guitar person”
    “Beautiful- so pretty”

    Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. McCrea – Elementary SIS Art Teacher

  3. ***They have made additional comments they would like me to add.
    “I think you are probably in 13th grade.”
    “Your instrument is soothing.”
    “This is a wonderful job.”
    “You are a nice friend because you share music”

    Thanks for sharing your music and hard work with the world. It made our day.

    -Mrs. McCrea

  4. Wow! Your covers are amazing! I hope there’s a forum for you to showcase this because truly, you play beautifully. How long have you been playing? Do you take lessons, or are you self-taught?

  5. I love this, Chang Soo. 🙂 Thank you for sharing, and I want the whole world to see these! 😉 Told you I’d tell the world. Tweet, retweet, share! 😀

  6. This is amazing! As you know, I love to play the guitar and have played for almost 20 years. The techniques that you use to increase the “fulness” of what an acoustic guitar sounds like are ones that I still have not mastered. I really hope that you continue to post your progression as a guitarist…

    Any chance you would like to play a song together at graduation? Or any other time you feel like?

  7. Thanks for coming to our advisory earlier this week! Your progress/videos are really great and it’s really cool that you’re sharing everything out on the internet. It’s definitely helped the group in my advisory to actually want to post videos online and post progress for our own AMPed project. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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