Last Christmas (Wham) Short cover

Last Christmas by Wham

Loving this so much, I made an acoustic version of it.

I would like to perform this song on this year’s Christmas.

Poor sound quality.. sorry. Turn down the volume a bit cuz it’s too loud.

Enjoy. Merry Christmas lol

Rylynn(Andy Mckee) Practicing video (Day 1)

Rylynn by my role model, Andy Mckee

I started to play guitar because of this song.

The song is flawless and strinkingly beautiful. It’s a masterpiece of 21st century.

Lol.. anyway. I got inspired by Andy Mckee, and I started to learn how to play the guitar, expecting I can play this song someday. So I would get many girls.

After all the efforts I put on practicing guitar, I could feel that I’m now capable of playing this song.

I started to practice this recently. And this video shows the process of me playing Rylynn.

I’m expecting that I can master this song as soon as possible.


Wedding Dress(Taeyang) Short Cover

Wedding dress by Taeyang. K-pop fans, you all should know this song.

This piece has a beautiful melody, so I couldn’t wait to arrange the acoustic cover of this song.

Some of you probably realize that I performed it with Sejin Park last year. Haha..

However, I forgot most of the part, so I foolishly made some mistakes while I’m playing the song.

Anyways. Live version would have been better, but please do love this video.

By the way, in the future, I can play this at your wedding as a nuptial song. lol.