What are we learning this week?



We are starting a new unit, called ‘Reading To Learn‘. This week, we’ll be reading non-fiction books and noticing their features, such as these: Non-Fiction Text Features


We are continuing with our focus on ‘Crafting True Stories‘. This week, one of the skills we’ll be practising is the use of correctly punctuated speech, as shown in this PDF: Punctuating Speech PDF


We are starting Module 2 which is to do with Place Value and Problem Solving with Units of Measure. This week, all of our math lessons will focus on the measure of time. You can see what this looks like by clicking on lesson 1 to 5 on this link: https://www.engageny.org/resource/grade-3-mathematics-module-2-topic-lesson-1


This week is our first week of science! Our key concept is: Scientific DISCOVERIES can often lead to new and improved TECHNOLOGY. We will begin by studying what is a scientist does and by finding out the skills you need to develop to be a scientist.

Parent Consultation Feedback

Thank you to everyone for attending. A few points were raised that I will follow up on this week. One of which is homework. A few parents asked for additional, optional homework, particularly for math. If you click the math link above, you’ll see homework worksheets.


Event: Cardboard Challenge

The event will be held on Oct 22, 2017 from 8-4 (full day event).

The first Global Cardboard Challenge culminated in a Day of Play on Oct 6, 2012. This event celebrates kid-creativity and the power of local community. 

The Cardboard Challenge happens each year in early October. It has had over 500,000 kids take part! Check the #cardboardchallenge hashtag on twitter and instagram for inspiration.
Take the challenge at Level 5 this October 22nd and join a movement to foster creative play in kids worldwide!

This event is a free, but a ticketed (because of space) for SIS families at The Level 5. Please arrive in the morning for the event kick-off but leave when you are ready, and finished your creation.

PSA will sponsor the Snacks and Drinks during the events.

Parents are asked to stay for the entire time their children are at the event as this is a family focused creation challenge!

We will need A LOT of cardboard! Please help us by donating cardboard at Level 5.

Even though it is still far away, timing wise, however, we need people to RSVP in advance, using the link below:

An event on Facebook:

Thank you for all the helps and support.

Poppy Tedja

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