Learning Update – March 19th

Upcoming Events: 

March 23: Elementary Assembly

March 26-30: Spring Break–No School

April 5: Holiday–No School  

What We’re Learning…

Reading: Research Clubs

We are starting a new unit, Research Clubs. Students will use their non-fiction reading strategies and skills to learn more about a natural disaster to connect with our unit of inquiry. Students will learn a guided procedure for identifying texts for research, how to ask questions, and how to use technical language.

Writing: Informational Writing

This unit integrates with our reading unit and our unit of inquiry. Students will use their research on natural disasters to apply informational writing strategies in their own texts. Our focus will be on organization in our writing, including transition words.

Unit of Inquiry:  “Communities and Natural Disasters.”

We have started our new unity of inquiry with the central idea being: COMMUNITIES support each other in TIMES of NEED. The question we will grapple with is: how are things connected? There are patterns in nature that are predictable and we will explore these. Thank you for your support at home. Some questions you can ask to generate conversation: what is a community? What are patterns in nature? What natural disaster are you interested in researching? What have you learned that surprised you?

Math: Fractions

This week we will conclude our unit on fractions. Students will review how to compare fractions and place them on a number line while labeling equivalent fractions. Students have demonstrated their understanding of fractions and this week will focus on reteach and enrichment activities to support their deep understanding of fractions.

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