Learning Update – April 9th

Important Dates:

Monday, April 9th: After School Activities Start

Monday, April 9th: Lockdown drill (time will not be announced)

Friday, April 13: Assembly—Global Citizen ESLR Awards

Friday, April 13: Field Day 12:55-2:45

Reading: Research Clubs

This week, readers will develop their understanding of text structures. So far, they have learned about ‘boxes and bullets’ and ‘sequencing’. They will now learn about the ’cause and effect’, ‘problem and solution’ and ‘compare and contrast’ text structures. If you wish to support with this work at home, you could ask your child what structures their non-fication home reading books use.

Writing: Informational Writing

3A writers will continue to research topics they are interested in learning about. This week we will make connections between our lives and our research, students will decide on an audience to write for and a format to best address that particular audience.

Math: Data reveals patterns.

Students will have to measure different items and create a line plot. They will also have to analyze data given on a line plot and answer questions about it the information represented on the line plot.

Unit of Inquiry: Communities support each other in times of need.

This week, students will study how to make a disaster plan that would be enacted due to a natural disaster. After learning the key elements of a disaster plan (meeting locations both inside and outside the community, lists of necessary resources, etc.), students will make their own disaster plan. They will get to choose whether the plan will be for use at school or at home and they will also choose the type of disaster that it should be used for (perhaps one plan could be used for different types of disasters?) If you wish to support this work at home, the following video will give you more information about what should be included on the disaster plan: Prepare a Family Emergency Plan | Disasters

Lockdown Information:

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