3A Learning Update – Week of April 23


This week is the final week of our ‘Research Book Clubs’ unit. Students will continue to use all of the knowledge and skills they have learned in this topic to finish their final research product. After which, they will make a presentation to the class.


As we finish our informational writing books about natural disasters, students will have the choice to do research on any topic they are excited about teaching others about.


This week is wrapping up the unit of inquiry learning. Students will demonstrate their understanding for how communities support each other in times of need. A question you can ask your child at home is, “how do communities support each other and why is it important to support each other?” 


Our next unit begins with solving one- and two-step word problems based on a variety of topics studied throughout the year, using all four operations.  The lessons emphasize modeling and reasoning to develop solution paths.  They incorporate teacher facilitated problem solving, opportunities for students to independently make sense of problems and persevere in solving them, and time for students to share solutions and critique peer strategies.  

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