Learning Update – May 28

Important Dates:

Tuesday, May 29th: Sports Day

Friday, June 1st: Assembly

Friday, June 8th: Growth Awards Celebration 1:00 PM

Tuesday, June 12th: Kool Fly Field Trip



Book Clubs This week: readers will be learning how to share books. When you have a book that you want other people to read, you don’t simply ‘dump’ it on them. You can create an atmosphere in which another person wants to read that book. Take a look at book clubs in action here.


3A writers will continue to have free choice in the writing process. Students in 3A are writing comics, informational pieces, chapter books, journaling and even poetry. Writers will be taking a deeper look at the structure of their writing (grammar!). We will start to reflect on the year and create “Survival Tips for 3rd Grade” for the upcoming 3rd graders.



Lessons: Module 7 Lessons 18-26 Students will apply their knowledge of area and perimeter to create shapes with the same perimeter and different area or different perimeter and the same area. They will create a variety of models & support and communicate their reasoning in discussions.


Unit of Inquiry:How do organized systems function?

This week, students will learn more about hierarchy in schools, home and community. They will explore how groups make decisions. Students will also research more about the hierarchy and government of their own country and share that information. Please support them understand how the government works in your home country, in a simplified way. Questions to ask your children: how do groups make decisions? What is a hierarchy? Why are systems in your house to make it run more smoothly?

Field Trip Permission Slip

3A Assembly

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