Growth Awards – Friday, June 8th

Greetings Parents.

This Friday, June 8th from 1-3pm, we are inviting all parents to a party where students will receive a certificate celebrating their hard work this year.

We are asking that each child brings in some food or drink that they can share. Because we will be sharing with all of 3rd grade, the main rule is that we cannot have nuts in our grade due to allergies. A secondary point is to think about what type of food and drink to bring in. Yes, cake and coke are delicious but let’s focus on a variety of unique dishes! I say bring in THE dish you are most proud of, the tastiest, most delicious, decadent, delicacy you love. Extra points for saving Mr.D a small amount just in case the others eat it all. It would also be useful to have some disposable plates and cutlery.

Best Regards,

Charles Denson – Third Grade Teacher 

Shekou International School


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