Learning Update

Greetings Parents,

We had a great first week of getting to know each other and setting expectations to make our classroom community an enjoyable place for all. We have started our reading, writing and math workshops and begun our math talks.  Next week we will be assessing our students knowledge to guide our instruction.

MAP testing begins this week and 3A’s schedule is as follows:

Math – Tuesday, August 28th 1-2:30

Reading- Thursday, August 30th 8-9:30

Language- Tuesday, September 4th 8-9:00

Both the Parent Toolkit & Parent Resource guide below are helpful resources in understanding the MAP test & its purpose.


Students will be introduced to multiplication with the concept of repeated addition, and they will be introduced to division. They will see multiplication as a way to find the total and division as a way to find out how many groups or the size of each group.


I will begin assessing students DRA levels this week. All about DRAs.

As readers we will continue building our reading community while celebrating and practicing strategies of strong readers. We will work in partnerships to discuss and share ideas that makes reading meaningful and exciting.

As writers we will begin the week with a writing assessment then we will launch our writing workshop by experimenting with a few different genres that give students the flexibility to choose and write about what matters to them.

We will begin our spelling inventory to prepare for our spelling & grammar instruction

Unit of Inquiry

We will begin our first unit of inquiry this week. The central idea is People can collaborate to organize society. Our focus this week will be on rights and responsibilities of people within society. As we begin each unit our focus will be on getting the students excited through different provocations.

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