Learning Update

Greetings Parents,

What an amazing bunch of little learners.  We are off to a great start building our community culture that supports a growth mindset & excitement in learning.

Swimming will start September 17th and run through October 19th.  Students will swim every PE class during this time. More details below.



Students will continue to develop their understanding of how repeated addition, arrays, and creating sets help in understanding multiplication.  In addition, we will begin to explore how repeated subtraction, equal shares, and equal groups help in understanding division.  


In reading, students will help develop systems to share, find & communicate about good books.  We will also make predictions about our reading, and we will work on retelling the big parts of a story to see how the old fits with the new.

In writing, students will celebrate the small moment stories by developing their writer’s voice.  We will do this by slowing down the most important parts of a story and creating a mental image that is similar to what we experience when watching a movie, except through writing.


This week, students will look at what their responsibilities in our classroom community are and how those responsibilities support the organization of our classroom. They will explore designing their own school where they are the lead decision maker. Discussions of types of decisions that are made and how they affect our organization will be had as a class. 


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