Learning Update

We had another successful week of building community and learning about each other.  3A students did a great job showing what they know on our MAP assessment, spelling inventory & reading DRAs.  All the information will help us keep the river of learning flowing.  During our upcoming conferences we will have MAP data available and be ready to answer questions regarding the data we are gathering.

Note: On Thursday the 13th at 3:00 signup genius links will be sent out to parents for our upcoming conferences on September 19th.

As readers will continue to make smart predictions based on evidence from the text, and we will begin focusing on making our reading come alive through connections. When your child reads at home this week, ask them about what connections they are making with the stories they are reading; furthermore, have a quick conversation with them about your connections and experiences from the book.

As writers we will continue our learning in writing personal narratives, while moving through the writing process with greater independence.  This week’s focus will be on using mentor authors to guide the choices we make in our words and pictures within our own books.  We will also highlight the importance of getting to the heart of your story by zooming in on the most important part and stretching it out.  We will also delve into paragraphing.

As mathematicians we will assess our progress in understanding of the following concepts:
• Using the array model and familiar skip counting strategies to solidify understanding of multiplication
• Becoming fluent with arithmetic patterns to “add” and “subtract” groups to solve multiplication and division problems
• Develop understanding of the break apart strategy (distributive property)
Then, as the week progresses we will begin to use tape diagrams to solve word problems. A tape diagram is a model that students draw in order to help visualize the relationships between quantities.

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Please keep me informed on how your child is feeling about school when they come home in the evenings.  Also, please remind them that they can always come any of our amazing teachers and especially to me with with concerns or write me a note.  Have a wonderful week and thank you for your support.

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