Learning Update


  • If you have an old analog wrist watch that you are comfortable with sending to school, it would be very helpful as we start focusing on time. No need for a working battery.


This week mathematicians work on telling time and solving problems related to elapsed time.  We will also cover Place Value and Problem-Solving with Units of Measure.


In reading workshop this week, students will look deeper into analyzing text features and learn how to teach facts in to their peers in an interesting way. Towards the end of the week, readers will set nonfiction reading goals for themselves, focusing on becoming stronger readers for understanding.


As informational writers, we will begin using pro writing techniques and different structures such as: boxes & bullets, cause & effect, problem & solution, and compare & contrast just to name a few. We will also learn to elaborate like a pro using effective facts & imagery, micro stories, to leave our readers thinking.

Towards the end of the week, we will begin organizing our chapters, experimenting with different structures, and using a checklist to help us revise as we go.  Your child will also look to other authors and use them as mentors to elaborate within each of their chapters.

Word Work:

Soon we will begin our word work which is using a hands on approach to building understanding of spelling patterns.  This approach supports reading, writing and spelling while developing a deep understanding of spelling patterns that can be applied to new words.

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