Learning Update

Wednesday, Oct. 31: Halloween Celebration- Come dressed up in your favourite costume! Please no masks or weapons. Your child may also bring a change of clothes to wear after our celebration.

Math: This week mathematicians will continue building their estimation skills by rounding.  As the week moves on we will begin three digit subtraction using the standard algorithm supported by our place value chart.

Reading: In reader’s workshop this week, students will discuss the difference between expository non-fiction and narrative non-fiction. As research on climate, we are reading expository non-fiction. This week, our readers will learn that biographies are an example of narrative non-fiction. Students will choose an interesting person or hero to research and summarize his/her life and create a timeline. Towards the end of the week, we will revisit skills to uncover difficult words in a text.

Writing: This week writers will continue creating non-fiction writing to inform their readers.  We will focus on text features making it easier for readers to learn, and interesting ways to present their researched information.

UOI: “We adapt to the climate we live in” Connection: How do natural events affect the environment? Students will take time to research about a natural disaster and share out their learning. Students will also collect weather data on a selected city of their choice.

Take a peek at some of our math language:

Enjoy a few photos of learning in action gallery: 


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