Learning Update

Class Photo Friday, November 9th at 8am- Children are to wear SIS Polo or PE shirt and grey or black bottoms.


3A is making a push to help all learners memorize their multiplication facts.  Please help by asking your child which factors they are working on and how they learn best. Encourage them by making it fun and perhaps setting a family challenge.

Reading &  Writing:

In reader’s workshop this week, students will focus on text features and how they help us learn. They will then decide how they can best use text features in their writing to help present their information. Writer’s will create a book answering research questions about climate, weather and natural hazards.


Module 3 extends the study of factors to include all units from 0 to 10. This allows students to build fluency with facts involving a particular unit before moving on. We will begin by revisiting the commutative property. Students study familiar facts from Module 1 to identify known facts using units of 6, 7, 8, and 9. They realize that they already know more than half of their facts by recognizing, for example, that if they know 2 × 8, they also know 8 × 2 through commutativity. This begins a study of arithmetic patterns that becomes an increasingly prominent theme.

Unit of Inquiry:

Students will be preparing for a celebration of their learning through our “climate fair” next week. They will be choosing from a menu of options how to demonstrate their learning from our current climate unit. Parents, you are invited to celebrate our student’s learning next week on Wednesday (mark your calendars & more details to come). This week our 3A inquirers will work hard at questioning, researching and creating something to share.

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