Learning Update

International Potluck Brunch is Tomorrow!

We are requesting that each child brings a favourite family dish
that represents their culture on the morning of Wednesday, November
21st. Please have your child bring the dish at or before 8:00, when
they arrive at school.

These international experiences relate to our upcoming Unit of

Communities create and share diverse cultural experiences and stories.

As we are starting a new unit this week we want to give a big Thank You to our parents for volunteering to share about your cultures! We’re so excited!

Some guiding questions that will drive our learning are: 

  1. What is culture?
  2. How might we connect and learn through stories?
  3. How can stories influence our lives or our perspectives?
  4. How do we share our cultural experiences?
  5. How can cultural experiences shape our behaviors?

Thank you, again, to the parents that will come in this week to share more about your culture with us! 

Mathematicians will focus on making use of structure to problem solve. Students learn the conventional order for performing operations when parentheses are and are not present in an equation. 

As writers we will embark upon an open genre unit!   Writers will be given the choice of writing within different genres of interest, while using mentor texts to guide them in the decisions they make.  Some of the learning that will be a focus within this unit is:  setting goals, using detail, organization, and conventions. 

As readers we will learn about different cultures through reading stories. We will continue to work on stop and jots and recording our thinking in our own words.

Please enjoy some shots from our learning in action gallery:

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