Learning Update and MAP Testing Schedule

MAP Testing Schedule:

Language- Thursday, January 10th at 8am

Reading- Monday, January 14th at 1pm

Math- Tuesday, January 22nd at 1pm

Learning Update:

Mathematicians will be introduced to area. They will use pattern
blocks to tile given polygons without gaps or overlaps to
determine the amount of two-dimensional space is within
a region or shape. By the end of the week, students will begin to
relate total area with multiplication of side lengths.

Readers will ponder the reading goals they have set for themselves and will make new resolutions for their reading lives as well as other academic areas. Readers will begin a new unit on Character Study. This week we will put a strong emphasis on learning a broad range of “Colorful Adjectives” to describe characters in the stories we read. For example, instead of writing “My character is nice.” We will learn to substitute nice for: considerate, thoughtful, caring, etc. This will make us stronger writers as well.

This week we will be launching a new unit of study in writing, persuasive speeches, petitions and editorials.  Students will begin this unit by immersing themselves in the genre and noticing how writers persuade an audience to share their opinion.

We are starting a new unit and Sharing the Planet is the theme. Our central idea is “Organisms adapt to their environment in order to survive.” This week we will do some tuning in activities with the kids getting their minds excited and curious about organisms surviving in their habitats, as well as learning from fossils about past organisms.


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