Learning Update

Greetings Parents,

We are looking forward to this weeks field trip on Wednesday

On the day of the trip, all children will need a:

• SIS Uniform
• Backpack they can carry independently
• Snack and a packed lunch (one that does not need to be heated) • Water bottle / enough water for the full day

Be on the lookout for seesaw posts & please ask your child to share what they are learning in math.  Most days they bring home some kind of practice in their math folder.

Mathematicians will continue their work with area by moving on to working with arithmetic properties. Students will apply knowledge of the distributive property from Modules 1 and 3 to find area.

In readers workshop this week, readers will continue to look deeper into the development of character. First, they will notice patterns in the characters’ behavior, analyzing the strong traits of the character. Using what they know about their character, they will discuss WHY the character behaves the way they do. Towards the end of the week, readers will make predictions about character using evidence they have gathered about their character.

Writers will be busy drafting persuasive arguments within a topic that they feel passionate about.  We are continuing to generate ideas and plan our reasons in order to justify our thesis statement. Students will use a checklist to help them work with independence.  They will also learn more about when to start a new paragraph and how to talk with an audience.

This week students will work on a mini research project. They will choose an animal and look into the animals habitat. Students will research these three questions:

  1. What are 3 ways the animal uses surroundings for survival?
  2. What is the food chain for this animal to survive?
  3. How do humans interact with the habitat?
Take a look at our learning in action gallery to get view of what’s happening in class:

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