Learning Update

Monday: Field Trip with Chinese Teachers

Wednesday: No school for students! 3 Way Conferences. Please bring your child with you to the conference.

Thursday: Dress in Chinese traditional clothing, Assembly, Lion Dance on sports field

Friday: No School

Students will share out their learning this week. They have each inquired into different animals and learned about traits, behavior, life cycle and food chains. They will have a chance to present their learning to the class. 

Mathematicians will show what they know about area on our end of module assessment.  The remainder of the week will be dedicated to reteach and enrichment. 

We will continue forming strong opinions about topics that we are passionate about.  Writers are growing in their awareness of how to effectively persuade their audience by using examples to support their stance on an issue.  Talk with your child about the topic they have chosen to write about and who their intended audience is.   

As readers this week, we will look at illustrations to discover how they also play a role in the story. Readers combine the illustrations as well as the text to get a full understanding of the story. We will also continue to look deeper at our character as they trek up and down the story mountain, reaching the pinnacle of the mountain- or the boiling point of the character’s problem. We will notice how our character’s internal traits and personality  often changes when they endure the process of resolving a problem. 

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