Learning Update

  • 12th Feb 8:15am MAP Parent workshop @ Level 5
  • 13th Feb Parent PL: Positive Parenting @ Level 5
  • 15th Feb 3B/4C Assembly + ESLR Global Citizen
  • 15th Feb PSA Popcorn Friday

Students will be inquiring into environmental changes and how they affect plants and animals. We will look at different ecosystems and discuss causes and effects on change. Our central idea continues to be “organisms adapt to their environment.”

Mathematicians will extend their knowledge of equal shares to understanding fractions as equal partitions of a whole. Their knowledge becomes more formal as they work with area models and the number line. Throughout this unit, students will work with fractional units of halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, and eighths. To build flexible thinking about fractions, students are exposed to additional fractional units such as fifths, ninths, and tenths.

We will begin with actively partitioning different models of wholes into equal parts. At home you can help by encouraging your child to practice partitioning household items (pieces of paper, portions of food, a pack of crayons, etc.) into equal parts.

As writers, we are continuing to draft persuasive speeches, letters and editorials on topics that we are passionate about.  We will grow in our understanding of how to say more within our examples.  We will also work with peers to provide feedback and revise when needed.

Readers are focusing on noticing the important “life lessons” that the author wanted the reader to understand after finishing the story. Readers will review the “Story Elements” of the story they have been reading, which include:

The Main Characters  (Their traits, motivations/wants)

The Setting (How the time/place adds to the story)

The Problem (…or obstacle, or challenge) and the characters response

The Resolution (the way things have ended up)

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