Learning Update

As readers and writers we are combining forces in making a return to reading Nonfiction books to prepare us in writing a new genre, Narrative Nonfiction!  As readers, students will choose topics of interest to read and do research.  As writers, students will take the information they have gathered as readers, and combine their understanding of Narrative and Nonfiction writing to create books. 

We have been hard at work learning about endangered animals. Over the next few weeks, we will have discussions around action. What can we do to support the environment and animals affected by the changes? This will be student driven and is an exciting part of the PYP process. 

Last week, mathematicians compared unit fractions and explored the importance of specifying the whole when doing so. This week, they apply their learning to the number line. Number bonds and fraction strips serve as bridges into this work. Students see intervals on the number line as wholes. They will begin by measuring equal lengths between 0 and 1 on fraction strips. They then work with number lines that have endpoints other than 0 and 1. This naturally transitions into comparing fractions with the same denominator.

Dream Job Day

Dream Job Day – Tuesday, February 26th

You may have noticed the posters on the doors of the Mountainside and Parkside campuses announcing this month’s Spirit Day: Dream Job Day, on Tuesday, February 26th!

Students are asked to dress up as whatever their dream job would be! All adults can take part in the fun!

Instead of buying new items, students are encouraged to use anything they have already in order to put together their costume!


Music Curriculum Showcase

Book Week


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