Learning Update

This week mathematicians will measure different items and create a line plot. They will also have to analyze the data given and answer questions about the information provided.

We are launching a new literacy unit this week! Readers will begin immersing themselves in fairy tales as well as “fractured” fairy tales, which are twists on our classical tales.  Readers will read many familiar and new fairy tales and discuss the story elements specific to fairy tales. We will have guest readers, including Mrs. Kummerlin and Mr. Sheppard read us their favorite fairy tales.

Writers will use their knowledge and understanding about Fairy Tales to write adapted versions. This week they will explore many Fairy Tales and inquire into the specific writing elements of Fairy Tales. We encourage you to share with your child your knowledge about Fairy Tales in your own culture.

This week is an exciting one! Students will design a model to support an egg being dropped off the building. We will focus on the design process and thinking like an engineer. Students will use qualities such as observing, collecting data, making predictions and testing prototypes. It’s great fun and the kids learn a lot through the process.

Writing Celebration

This Wednesday all four third grade classrooms will celebrate our writing.  3A will showcase their Narrative Nonfiction work & their individual Persuasive Writing.  Please join us to celebrate your child’s hard work and to celebrate the work of all SIS third grade students.


Enjoy a look at our learning in action album!

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