Learning Update

3A earned an extra PE class by being persistent!  They were awarded the golden sneaker award.  Check out the videos below.

Students will continue finding out about forces & interactions as well as balanced and unbalanced forces.  As the week progresses students will inquire into their own investigations. First, starting with questions and moving onto making predictions and testing. We will be learning more about the scientific process and how it connects to the design process.  

Mathematicians are introduced to perimeter this week. Through this work, students define perimeter as the boundary of a two-dimensional shape and use their new vocabulary in context. These lessons begin the study of perimeter with unusual shapes to encourage flexible thinking about perimeter and avoid the misconception that it is a property of rectangles alone.  

In reading workshop this week, readers will focus on discussing favorite fairy tale characters and story elements with a partner. They will also work with a team in putting on a mini-production of their own fairytale.

As writers this week, we are moving through the writing process with our Fairy Tale adaptations.  We will focus on craft elements and sentence structure this week.  Ask your child about their story…”What Fairy Tale did you choose to adapt?”  “What adaptations did you make to it?”  “What goal are working on throughout this unit to strengthen your ability as a writer?”

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