Learning Update

MAP testing beings this week.

The MAP test continues to give us very specific information on where students are as learners and where we need to go next. The results of the test will help us this year and next to know how to best focus on your child’s individual learning needs. All they need to do is their best. The MAP test is simply one of many tools we use to support learning.

The message for your child is:

Do your best and don’t worry about the rest!

MAP Testing Schedule

Monday, May 13th 1:00-2:30 Math

Wednesday, May 15th 8:00-9:30 – Reading

Monday, May 20th 1:00-2:30 Language


3A raised over 600 RMB for the Elephant Nature Park-Sanctuary in Chiang Mai.  A big thank you goes out to our parents and students who helped support 3D’s elephant fundraiser & awareness campaign.

As writers this week we will focus our attention towards revising, editing and publishing in preparation of sharing our books with others!

Mathematicians will work to find different possible perimeters or areas for rectangles based on information given about the rectangles. They will also:

  1. Construct rectangles from a given number of unit squares and determine the perimeters
  2. Use a line plot to record the number of rectangles constructed from a given number of unit squares.
  3. Construct rectangles with a given perimeter using unit squares and determine their areas.
  4. Use a line plot to record the number of rectangles constructed.

Readers will continue to build their reading life by transitioning into mysteries.

Inquirers will begin to focus on the inquiry cycle as it helps us explore our interests to share with others.  Our lines of inquire include:

1. There are diverse ways of self-expression
2. An inquiry cycle supports our exploration
3. Many strategies can help represent and enhance meaning

3A Action

As part of our Unit of Inquiry students have shown interest in doing what they can to protect the planet.  Ethan & his mom Clair have offered to support those interested in purchasing reusable straws to help eliminate plastic waste.  If you are interested check the links below or  reach out to Clair for help navigating Taobao.

Link # 1 silicone straws 

Link # 2 plastic straws


23rd May Student Led Conferences 


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