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We are asking kids to please return all Library books starting Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 21st.  The library team has made a deal that 3A may renew their book club books so they have time to finish their story.

As we prepare for student led conferences, please review the questions below. Feel free to use these question prompts to support conversation. This conference is a time for your children to shine and teach you some things they learned in 3rd grade. It is not a teacher conference or a time to talk about MAP testing. Thank you for focusing on the growth your children have made this year and for supporting their confidence as a learner.

Mathematicians have been constructing rectangles from a given number of unit squares and they started recording perimeter and area data on line plots.  Next, mathematicians will continue their study of area and perimeter by problem solving using all four operations.

This week, readers will be continuing with their studying of mystery novels. They will learn about using text features to help make predictions, strategies to help deal with tricky parts of the text, and how to share their reading with a partner so that they can create theories and ideas together.

Students are busy finding out more information about their interests. They are gathering information from a range of sources and working as researchers. Please ask them about their topic they chose. Help them dig deeper into questions they could tackle at school while researching.


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