Learning Update

As readers this week, we will continue with our mystery reading and build upon our prediction skills. We will learn to pause while reading so that we can remember key details, how to discuss parts of the story with a reading partner, and how to use the known structure of mystery novels to make predictions.  

As inquirers this week, we are going further with our learning by reflecting and thinking of new questions or wonders. Be sure to ask your kids what they chose for their topic and help them dig deeper into what they are interested in.  

As mathematicians finish their studies this year, they will review fundamental skills. Students create representations and  discuss whether or not they agree with each representation. Finally mathematicians will play fluency games related to Grade 3 skills, including fractions, rounding, multiplication, and division. Students discover fluency games they enjoy playing and decide which ones they would like to continue to play during the summer recess.

Writers will begin a collaborative writing unit. Writers will collaborate to express themselves through shared interests. Our primary goals are to write in a variety of genres and to engage the reader and to 1.) collaborate to create a shared piece of writing based on a common interest 2.) demonstrate an understand of the The Writing Process, within a genre of choice 3) reflect on their identity and growth as a writer.   

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