Learning Update


  • If you have an old analog wrist watch that you are comfortable with sending to school, it would be very helpful as we start focusing on time. No need for a working battery.


This week mathematicians work on telling time and solving problems related to elapsed time.  We will also cover Place Value and Problem-Solving with Units of Measure.


In reading workshop this week, students will look deeper into analyzing text features and learn how to teach facts in to their peers in an interesting way. Towards the end of the week, readers will set nonfiction reading goals for themselves, focusing on becoming stronger readers for understanding.


As informational writers, we will begin using pro writing techniques and different structures such as: boxes & bullets, cause & effect, problem & solution, and compare & contrast just to name a few. We will also learn to elaborate like a pro using effective facts & imagery, micro stories, to leave our readers thinking.

Towards the end of the week, we will begin organizing our chapters, experimenting with different structures, and using a checklist to help us revise as we go.  Your child will also look to other authors and use them as mentors to elaborate within each of their chapters.

Word Work:

Soon we will begin our word work which is using a hands on approach to building understanding of spelling patterns.  This approach supports reading, writing and spelling while developing a deep understanding of spelling patterns that can be applied to new words.

Learning Update

Class Assembly:

Fri. Oct 12: Our 3A class assembly will happen Friday, October 12th at 8:15 in the SPAH.  We look forward to this time of sharing our learning & classroom community.  Please note, you are invited to join our celebration of learning at our assembly on Friday, October 12th at 8:15.

Fri. Oct. 26: No School- Teacher Professional Development

Wed. Oct. 31: Halloween Celebration at SIS- All Children are encouraged to wear a costume to school for some fun school-spirit building festivities! (More details to come


As readers this week, we can’t wait to begin devouring non-fiction texts during our workshop time. First, we’ll learn that non-fictions readers really rev up their minds before reading, they think “What sort of text is this? Is it a narrative, expository, a hybrid?” Then we notice text features like titles, subtitles, photos, subtopics. Once we know for sure it’s a non-fiction text that’s just-right for us, we dig even deeper. We read for understanding. We find the main idea and find clues the author leaves as supporting evidence to give us more details to support the main idea. After we learn lots of interesting facts this week, we will share them with our classmates!


As writers we will begin our journey as informational writers. We will study and try out pro writing techniques and different structures such as: boxes & bullets, cause & effect, problem & solution, and compare & contrast just to name a few. We will also learn to elaborate like a pro using effective facts & imagery, mico stories, all the while using transition words and leaving our readers thinking.


As mathematicians will be transitioning to module 2 which uses place value to unify measurement, rounding skills, and the standard algorithms for addition and subtraction.  The module begins with plenty of hands-on experience using a variety of tools to build practical measurement skills and conceptual understanding of metric and time units.  Estimation naturally surfaces through application; this transitions students into rounding.  In the module’s final topics students round to assess whether or not their solutions to problems solved using the standard algorithms are reasonable.

Unit of Inquiry / Social Studies:

Unit of Inquiry is mixed in throughout the day; however, this is where I’ll talk about it explicitly.  As inquirers we will be focusing on how the change in climate affects our lives. The main questions that will drive our inquiry include:

  • What are the changes in climates?
  • What are nature’s patterns? (examples: climate, weather, earth movement, day/night, lunar cycle)
  • How do natural events (earthquake, volcanic eruption) affect the environment?

We will begin by looking at how natural disasters affect the environment while generating questions to guide our learning. Typhoon Mongkhut gives us a practical and recent starting place for this unit.


Word Work:

Soon we will begin our word work which is using a hands on approach to building understanding of spelling patterns.  This approach supports reading, writing and spelling while developing a deep understanding of spelling patterns that can be applied to new words.



I will post this calendar again with student Birthdays later this week.  Be on the lookout for the new calendar, but until then this will get us started.

Learning Update

Class Assembly:

Our 3A class assembly will happen Friday, October 12th at 8:15 in the SPAH.  We look forward to this time of sharing our learning & classroom community. We will begin organizing the information we will be sharing.  Please note note, you are invited to join our celebration of learning at our assembly on Friday, October 12th at 8:15.


In reading this week, our learners will discuss deeper ways to discover the meaning of text by uncovering context clues and figurative language while thinking harder about questions they have as they read. Towards the end of the week, readers will discover that the author of the book has a very specific purpose for writing the text.


We are wrapping up our first unit of study this week, which has focused around personal narratives.  This genre has given all of us as a classroom and writing community more of an opportunity to learn about each other by sharing stories from our lives.  As writers, we have moved through the writing process and will focus on editing and publishing this week.  Each child will publish one story that they have chosen to take through the writing process and share with others.   


This week mathematicians will be applying the distributive property to create friendly numbers & solve two-step word problems involving multiplication and division. 

Unit of Inquiry:

This is our final week for this unit! Students will end the unit with a design challenge! They will reflect on their responsibilities, decision making, collaboration and organization. It should be fun and interesting to see how the kids have grown in these areas!

Thanks for a great day of conferences!

It was a real pleasure to talk with each of you at our conferences.  I really enjoy celebrating our hard work and looking at next steps.  The insight you provide me about your child goes a long way in helping us provide the best educational experience possible.

Here are a few documents that you might find useful from our conferences (you can also find these under the “Resources” tab of our blog):


SIS Library Resources & Tumble Books



Use this resource to help find good fit books for your child.

*Note: the “Quick Search” option if you would like to check a books Lexile Level compared to your MAP data.

Another Student Driven way to select books includes our iPick Method.

Reading Log

Greetings Parents. This reading log will occasionally be sent home as homework, and I’d like to share it with you here. Please use this reading log if you would like your child to record their thoughts about reading more often.  If you do encourage your child to complete any “above & beyond” (extra credit) Reading Logs, I would love to see them so I can help your child celebrate their hard work.

40 Great Reflection Questions About School

Use these open ended and specific questions to get your child talking intelligently about what they are learning at school.

Reading Home Tracker

Please use this sheet to celebrate the daily reading and conversations that come from sharing our reading.

Learning Update

Please remember, no school on Wednesday for parent teacher conference day. No school for students on Friday because it is a professional learning day for teachers. No school Monday for Mid Autumn Festival.

In reading workshop this week, readers tackle a very important word: GRIT. They will learn that to have reading grit, they never give up when they come to a difficult word. We will learn and implement different reading strategies to figure out difficult words including: chunking the word, thinking about the context, and trying out different sounds. 

As writers we are continuing to write stories from their life with a focus on revising this week.  Students will be asked to reread their stories and notice ways in which they can make their writing stronger for their reader. 

As mathematicians we will be using the distributive property as a strategy to break down more challenging problems into smaller factors.  We will also model the relationship between multiplication and division.

By the end of the week third grade students will deepen their understanding of skip counting, distributive property, commutative property, arrays, number bonds, and tape diagrams.

This week students will explore different reading material that are about rights and responsibilities. They will also take action and organize a part of the classroom and reflect on their decision making process.

A look back at our learning in action gallery:

Gallery Link

School Closed Monday, September 17th

Greetings Parents,

Typhoon signal posted. Shekou International School CLOSED on Monday 17th September.  Monitor SIS Emergency WeChat group, email, SMS and SIS website for details. 

Please see this quick video on trouble shooting the blog:


Today is a great day for students to enjoy a good book!  Please encourage your child to enjoy a book of their choice then have a conversation with them about what they have read.

They can enjoy a paper book of their choice our use our Raz-Kids account.

https://www.kidsa-z.com/main/Login – Computer Login

https://www.raz-kids.com/main/ViewPage/name/tc-mobile/ – Mobile Apps


Complete the Khan Academy assignments after logging in


This is what they will be working on:


Complete our Today I Statements including our Free Write then share your work with a parent.

Today I Statements

1.)  Today I will… because…

2.) Today I need… because…

3.) Today I want… because…

4.) Today I think… because…

5.) Today I feel… because…

6.) Today I learned… because…

7.) Today I wonder… because…

8.) Today I’m changing the world for the better by… because…

9.)  Free Write / True Story


Parents Here are some great conversation prompts to encourage your child to speak in detail about their efforts in school

Parent Teacher Conferences

Dear Parents,

We would like to invite you to join attend our first individual parent-teacher conferences. This is a great time to discuss how your child is settling in, ask questions, review progress, and discuss next steps in their learning.

Please use the link below to sign up for conferences on Wednesday, September 19th:


Thank you,

Charles Denson – Third Grade Teacher

Shekou International School


Blog: https://share.sis.org.cn/cdens1

Learning Update

We had another successful week of building community and learning about each other.  3A students did a great job showing what they know on our MAP assessment, spelling inventory & reading DRAs.  All the information will help us keep the river of learning flowing.  During our upcoming conferences we will have MAP data available and be ready to answer questions regarding the data we are gathering.

Note: On Thursday the 13th at 3:00 signup genius links will be sent out to parents for our upcoming conferences on September 19th.

As readers will continue to make smart predictions based on evidence from the text, and we will begin focusing on making our reading come alive through connections. When your child reads at home this week, ask them about what connections they are making with the stories they are reading; furthermore, have a quick conversation with them about your connections and experiences from the book.

As writers we will continue our learning in writing personal narratives, while moving through the writing process with greater independence.  This week’s focus will be on using mentor authors to guide the choices we make in our words and pictures within our own books.  We will also highlight the importance of getting to the heart of your story by zooming in on the most important part and stretching it out.  We will also delve into paragraphing.

As mathematicians we will assess our progress in understanding of the following concepts:
• Using the array model and familiar skip counting strategies to solidify understanding of multiplication
• Becoming fluent with arithmetic patterns to “add” and “subtract” groups to solve multiplication and division problems
• Develop understanding of the break apart strategy (distributive property)
Then, as the week progresses we will begin to use tape diagrams to solve word problems. A tape diagram is a model that students draw in order to help visualize the relationships between quantities.

Learning in Action Gallery

Please keep me informed on how your child is feeling about school when they come home in the evenings.  Also, please remind them that they can always come any of our amazing teachers and especially to me with with concerns or write me a note.  Have a wonderful week and thank you for your support.

SIS STUCO Executive Council Opportunity

This year 3rd grade students will have the opportunity to sit on the Executive Council to help fulfill STUCO’s mission.

Mission The mission of the Student Council is to build responsible leaders within our school community and promote the values represented by the ESLRs and IB Learner Profile. We will accomplish our mission through:

● Leading by example in our classrooms and community by being positive, respectful, responsible, and safe. ● Helping others by raising money and supplies for the less fortunate. ● Engaging our friends and classmates in their education by organizing service opportunities. ● Serving as a source of communication between the students, teaching staff and administration of the school. ● Reaching out and collaborating with the SIS community to seek support and assistance with our classroom learning.

Responsibilities/Areas of Action

● setting the agenda with other STUCO members ● attending and running weekly meetings (every Tuesday from 3:10-4:10) ● taking notes and coming prepared to all meetings with all necessary materials ● actively participating in the decision making process ● participating in STUCO events during the week, after school, and occasional weekends ● representing the views of your homeroom class and keeping them updated about events ● hosting weekly assemblies for all grades ● taking photos and videos of STUCO events and helping to create the yearbook page

Return the application form to your classroom teacher by September 7th at the latest.


By signing as the student’s parent / guardian, you are agreeing they have not signed up for any ASAs on Tuesday and will not have other after school commitments on Tuesday from until 4:15pm.

Learning Update

Greetings Parents,

What an amazing bunch of little learners.  We are off to a great start building our community culture that supports a growth mindset & excitement in learning.

Swimming will start September 17th and run through October 19th.  Students will swim every PE class during this time. More details below.



Students will continue to develop their understanding of how repeated addition, arrays, and creating sets help in understanding multiplication.  In addition, we will begin to explore how repeated subtraction, equal shares, and equal groups help in understanding division.  


In reading, students will help develop systems to share, find & communicate about good books.  We will also make predictions about our reading, and we will work on retelling the big parts of a story to see how the old fits with the new.

In writing, students will celebrate the small moment stories by developing their writer’s voice.  We will do this by slowing down the most important parts of a story and creating a mental image that is similar to what we experience when watching a movie, except through writing.


This week, students will look at what their responsibilities in our classroom community are and how those responsibilities support the organization of our classroom. They will explore designing their own school where they are the lead decision maker. Discussions of types of decisions that are made and how they affect our organization will be had as a class.